Stream and pre-order our new album

Our new album, Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay, is now available to stream for a limited time on Psych Insight. There’s also a review on the same page, and a link to pre-order the vinyl, CD or download from Bandcamp. Here’s a snippet of the review:

“As I write this it is not yet the end of 2017 and I am already starting to think that I may well have heard one of 2018’s albums of the year. This, for me, is an absolutely brilliant piece of work that presents variations around the themes that are boldly set out in the album’s title and somehow nails then in a variety of different ways. This, for me, is part of the appeal of ‘Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay’, that it reflects some of this different areas of heavy psychedelic music currently being explored and provides the band’s own take on them.”

Thanks very much to Psych Insight for featuring us.

In four days, we have already sold around half of our allocation of vinyl, but there are more available on Tonzonen Records. It’s on 180g purple splatter vinyl with a gatefold, check it out below:


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