Reviews for Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay (2018)


“A complete work, a magnum opus that exhilarates and leaves the listener spellbound.” — Dayz of Purple and Orange

“They are becoming pioneers for the new wave of modern Krautrock.” 9.2/11 — Rotation 11 (Editor’s Pick)

“A remarkable achievement which cements Psychic Lemon as one of the most exciting and interesting bands in the UK at the moment, at least within the ever lengthening psychedelic circles.” — Echoes And Dust

“Psychic Lemon clearly have a distinctive sound and right now they stand above the shoulders of many of the established modern psych acts.” — Atom Heart Mutha

“As I write this it is not yet the end of 2017 and I am already starting to think that I may well have heard one of 2018’s albums of the year. This, for me, is an absolutely brilliant piece of work” — Psych Insight

“This immense collection of five tracks is explosive, exquisite and quite possibly one of the best albums that I’ve heard in some time.” 5/5 — Primal Music

“If you’re looking to be amazed by a new band emerging in the past few years, Psychic Lemon is a name for you. They find themselves in very good company on today’s UK psychedelic music scene, but there is something about their striking appetite for richness and intensity in sound which makes their two albums, so far, irresistible.” — aLive Reports

“Psychic Lemon really do feel tuned in to Britain’s psychedelic legacy and are broadcasting loud and direct” — Was Ist Das

“Conclusion: Buckle up and take off – Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay is the British response to the German music invention called Krautrock, and they are even so brave as to neglect the psychedelic influences of the Pink Floyd brand and still sound great.” 13/15 —

“The whole thing is so enthralling that at the end of the 42-minute season of “Frequency.Rhythm.Distortion.Delay” you can not avoid playing the album again from the beginning to once again enter the Maelstrom of its Krautfunk.” 10/10 — Pretty in Noise

“By the end you’ll have convinced yourselves that Psychic Lemon are the spiritual heirs to god-knows-who (insert name of your favourite space/acid/psych rock icons here) and you may well be right.” — Terrascope

“We are not sure if Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay is the last great record of 2017 or the first essential album of 2018” — Thee Psychedelicatessen

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“An album fit for the title of most stupendous psych release so far this year.” Echoes and Dust

“This is a really confident and accomplished debut from Psychic Lemon who could go off in any direction next such is the breadth of its music.” Psych Insight / Backseat Mafia

“This is an astounding debut album” Atom Heart Mutha

“Psychic Lemon: making the music that emanates from James Brown’s Fanny Magnet.” colourhorizon

“This is an album that is rich in quality, with plenty to explore each time you play.” Terrascope

“This feels like the work of six individual artists that have each turned in their own song that they’ve spent their entire life crafting and fine tuning.” [9/10] Review Graveyard

“While there is a ton of new psychedelic rock being released on a daily basis, these guys should not be overlooked. They have great chemistry that sets them apart from others in this genre.” [Crank this to 8.9 of 11] Rotation 11

“This is a great album, Psychic Lemon have a sound between rock and psych and showcase this to great effect. The songs have a great jam quality about them with an excellent variety of riffs and solos with great use of effects.”Andrulian’s Blog

“Awesomely good psychedelic/krautrock stuff that is filled with groove and oozes class.” “An exceptional album.” Dayz of Purple and Orange

“For anyone into krautrock, or anything psychedelic, Psychic Lemon is a must buy.” The Shrieks From Below

“100% recommend to every fan of progressive rock.”[4/5] New Underground Music

“The final track ‘Horizon’ is more than ten minutes of many of the elements from the rest of the album, woven into a widescreen psychedelic spectacular.” Cambridge Music Reviews

“Disguised as a mixture of mainly Krautrock and Funk, spiced with a variety of stylistic elements, it is in truth a space adventure, a psychedelic, funkadelic, groovy trip.” The Wicked Lady

“Everything unfolds and fits back together, as if it were the most natural thing ever.” Rockblog.bluesspot

“Psychic Lemon’s headswirler of a debut record is a relentless sonic assault from start to finish” Strange Things Are Happening

“How much musical bliss they bring is hard to describe” Arctic Drones

“Psychic Lemon have released certainly one of the most kick-ass amazing psychedelic records I’ve heard so far this year.”Psychedelic Waves

“Their music is an inexhaustible tornado, slow and relentless.” Dandysme

“Psychic Lemon deliver some energetic blues-infused psychedelic rock which echoes in the listener’s mind & and leaves them waiting breathless for more.” Djinnsphere