New album out now: Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay

Our new album is out today. We’ve tried to make the record sound as full and as rich as a three-piece band can be, without relying on sheer volume. We want to make space rock power. Listen and order here:



Selected Reviews

“A remarkable achievement which cements them as one of the most exciting and interesting bands in the UK at the moment” — Echoes And Dust

“Psychic Lemon clearly have a distinctive sound and right now they stand above the shoulders of many of the established modern psych acts.” — Atom Heart Mutha

“As I write this it is not yet the end of 2017 and I am already starting to think that I may well have heard one of 2018’s albums of the year. This, for me, is an absolutely brilliant piece of work” — Psych Insight

“We are not quite sure if Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay is the last great record of 2017 or the first essential album of 2018” — Thee Psychedelicatessen 

“A complete work, a magnum opus that exhilarates and leaves the listener spellbound.” —Dayz of Purple and Orange

“You may well end up hearing better psychedelically inclined albums in 2018 but doubtless not very many. Better start compiling that Best Of Year list now.” — Terrascope

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