Another freebie: Studio Jams Volume 2


While the world remains paused, we present you with Studio Jams Volume 2, a collection of live in the studio jams for our fans. Some of these tracks are single-track recordings, with all instruments recorded live into a single microphone.

This collection is free for a reason — no need to send us any money. We are already happy that you are listening. If you still want to support us financially, come see us at a gig or pick up one of our new t-shirts when they come out.

Take care out there.

2 thoughts on “Another freebie: Studio Jams Volume 2

  1. Les (a.k.a. The Intergalactic Ambassador) says:

    Hey guys, love your stuff. How’s that for an in-depth review? So listen, I have a radio show, The Crazy Alien Mass Transport Express, out of Salem, Oregon on Saturday nights. It’s electronic music, starting with Krautrock and drifting to psych stuff as well. ANYWAY! I played you guys on the show before, and with the freebie you’re offering here, just have to put it into the lineup this fall. It works well for the show, maybe you listen sometime? Maybe not?


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