A little freebie: Studio Jams Volume 1


The website has been very quiet — we were gigging all weekend when the last album was released and just didn’t get round to posting about it. Thankfully plenty of people found it and were into it. Thank you Adam from Drone Rock Records, for believing in us, and thank you everyone who wrote about the album and checked it out.

One night back in January, we were unloading our gear to take into our current studio. It was pitch black, and Andy H tripped on an amp, badly dislocating his shoulder. He’s still recovering at the moment, and we’ve been on hiatus since.

However, the Psychic Lemon vaults are full of one-off jams and unfinished demos. Rather than just going silent, we have picked out a few of our favourites, and present them to you as Studio Jams Volume 1. Andy B has mixed and mastered the tracks, which were recorded on the battery-powered recorder we leave running when we rehearse. Given everything that’s happening in the world, this release is free to download, so dive in. To be notified when it appears on your chosen streaming platform, click here.


Look after yourself.

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