Back from Europe + final copies of FRDD

We’ve just returned from our mini-tour of Europe, where we managed to fit gigs in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium into a single weekend. Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip happen, and everyone who travelled so far to see us. Thank you Christian Koch from Vibravoid, Peter Dragt and everyone at Plufest for being so welcoming and kind, Tristan Michiels from Wheel of Smoke, Which Mountain? and Camel Driver. Thanks everyone who came to speak to us, and thanks for the salad Fabio. Photos of us by great guy Jean de Barquin.

We were knackered and have taken a few weeks off, but this week we return to the studio to work on some new ideas.

Finally, we have about 10 copies left of Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay repress, available on Bandcamp. So get in quick!


Even more photos available here, by Dries De Roey.

One thought on “Back from Europe + final copies of FRDD

  1. John Savage says:

    When are you coming to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada? It’d be great to have you visit here. Let me know if you need someone to help you do this, as I’d love to have you come here.


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