Stopping the great vinyl rip-off, gigs in London, and a charity compilation

Last week, we discovered that some people were “flipping” (reselling) our album on vinyl for a lot of money —  up to £45 — on Discogs. We felt that it was a bit poor for our fans to be stuck paying that amount for an album that only came out on vinyl two months previously. Our solution: Join the site ourselves and put all the copies we had lying around up for sale, for a fair price:


We didn’t think much more of it, until some articles appeared on The Vinyl Factory and Tiu, describing this as a way for bands to “fight the flippers”. We weren’t looking to set a precedent for other bands, we just wanted our fans to not be ripped off. Now that we’re completely sold out, the problem returns: People can sell our album for as much as they want, and we can’t do anything to help our fans. Do we get a repress on black vinyl, and risk alienating fans who have the album on vinyl, or do we do nothing, and say “tough luck” to our newest fans? It’s an impossible situation. We’d be interested in what you have to say.

Gigs in London

In other news, we are playing in London on Wednesday 21st Sep (next week!), at the New Cross Inn. It’s free entry, and pints are £2. We are also playing on Wednesday 19th Oct at The Good Ship, so come along!

Charity album

We have donated a song to the charity album Compilation for a Cause (, 100% of the proceeds from which will go to the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA), through MyMusicRx:

MyMusicRx is the flagship program of the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) who believes that joy matters and #MusicHeals. Our in-hospital program includes bedside sing-a-longs led by trained music specialists, instrument and iPad lending from mobile music carts, and live concerts from national recording artists. extends the bedside experience online, and invites kids facing cancer and other serious illnesses to feel the music and feel better by exploring exclusive artist greetings, concerts, music lessons, digital instruments and games – anytime, anywhere.


The compilation features around 3 hours of music for just $3 (around £2), and is available only until the end of the year. The compilation has been put together by Rotation11 (, who have declared our debut album as their Album of the Month for September. Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

And finally…

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at our gigs last weekend, and also the artists that we played with, DiG and Naomi Randall. We had a great time! See you next time.

One thought on “Stopping the great vinyl rip-off, gigs in London, and a charity compilation

  1. Jan van Montfort says:

    Hi , if you’r ever be able to do a repress, yes please ! I definitely would like one(1) vinyl copy, so I can play it on the turntable… And if you do have a spare copy.. ooh yes , that would make may day ! However I think that is ‘wishful thinking’ . Hoping for a repress… Ánd seeing you play live !
    Best, Jan.


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