Vinyl available for pre-order

We are pleased to announce that our album will be coming out on vinyl next month, through Drone Rock Records. This will be a limited edition run of 250: 100 transparent yellow vinyl and 150 very special “psychedelic lemon” splatter vinyl. If you would like a copy, just head over to Drone Rock Records.

We are extremely grateful to Adam at Drone Rock Records for believing in us and making this a reality, and also to Simon at Backseat Mafia and Andy from Dayz of Purple and Orange for passing him the album in the first place.

The vinyl album cover is below. You may notice that our man in the woods looks slightly different: The original image was taken almost 10 years ago, using a potato, and couldn’t be blown up to vinyl size, so we had to return to the same woods and find him again. Thank you to Lauren Kendrick for pointing us in the right direction. We think he’s aged rather well, don’t you think?

Finally, thanks again to everyone who’s supported us in any way — everything, big and small, has combined together to grant us this big opportunity, and we appreciate it all.



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